Wiccan Weddings & Hand Fastings

There is no more sacred union than that of two individuals who are committed to one another in a loving, trusting relationship & wish to seal their bond to each other.

It would be our honor and privilege to participate in your special day. We will officiate traditional as well as same-sex marriages in full or partial Wiccan tradition based on the desires of the happy couple. We are also willing to work side-by-side with clergy of another faith should the ceremony be of an inter-faith nature.

In order for Life Temple to have a role in your wedding we must meet with you and your betrothed in order to discuss the scope and details of your wedding.

We also have a vast collection of wedding ceremonies & rituals. We will gladly assist in creating the perfect ritual for you both.

As with our other services we do not have a set fee. Instead we have a suggested donation price that ranges from $200-$400. Depending on the location of the wedding you may be required to pay for transportation and clergy accommodations.

To request a clergy consultation in preparation for your vows please contact us.

Hand Fastings

Hand Fastings and weddings are not the same thing. We will perform a hand-fasting but only if the couple is fully aware of its meaning & understands the long term impact of such a ritual. Hand Fastings are serious business and can form a bond that is far more intense than that of a standard wedding. A requirement of Life Temple for any couple interested in Hand-Fasting is proof of no less than 6 sessions with a certified marriage counselor or therapist. Also, both individuals must be initiated members of a verifiable tradition within Crafte.