House Blessing

A house blessing is a common and well known Wiccan Ritual

House Blessings are typically requested when: you purchase or move into a new home, after a death or traumatic event, if you feel an unwanted presence, spirit or entity in your home, or to create an environment of peace & harmony when you feel unrest in your dwelling.

How It Works
Prior to a House Blessing you will need to speak with someone in our Temple regarding your unique situation. We will also determine the right tools, persons, and items needed for the task at hand. If it is mutually agreed upon that a House Blessing is the best action and that we are the right Temple for the job; we will set a time and date for the ritual to take place. It could be the same day / evening or as much as a week later.

What Will Happen
A small group from Life Temple (one or more members) will ritually consecrate and cleanse your home. We will bring ritual items & tools with us to do so. We will not discuss nor reveal what we do or how we do it.

What It Costs
As with most of our services we do not charge a set fee. We instead ask that you make a suggested donation to the church. The suggested donation for a house blessing varies based upon your needs. However any dollar amount will be accepted. We may require you to provide specific supplies that will be needed for the ritual and will be inexpensive items.

Requests for House Blessings outside of local area may require clerical transportation fees to cover expenses such as gas & hotel. To request a House Blessing, fill out the form to the right. Please, we ask that you only contact us with serious inquiries.

House Blessing Request