For Those Who Have Cast Off This Mortal Coil...

Life Temple and Seminary wishes to carry on the memory of these great leaders and members of Crafte. The Wiccan faith would not be the same without them. And in some cases, Crafte simply would not be without them. The children of the Goddess are gone but not forgotten. Their spirit lives on in those they have sired, the teachings they left behind and the many lives they touched both personally & spiritually.

This includes but is not limited to:
Lord Laith Angus Min
Lady Sintana
Lord Nikkia Foxfire
Stewart Ferrar
Lady Galadriel

Lord Nikkia Foxfire

3rd Degree Priest of Life Temple & Seminary

A priest of Life Temple for many years, Lord Foxfire was a practicing Wiccan & active practitioner of the Native American tradition for over 30 years. He was a prominent teacher but never a know-it-all.

Lord Foxfire's Wiccan studies began in the early 1970s with the International Church and School of Wicca (formed by Gavin Frost & Yvonne Stone-Frost) and continued with The United Fellowship - of which he was a founder. After years of private study, he entered Ravenscry Temple and received his Celtic First Degree in 1991. His advancement to the rank of Second degree took place in 1992. He was ranked to Third degree in 1993 and at that time accepted the position of co-director of Life Temple & Seminary. His laughter & love are greatly missed.

Lord Merlin

Elder & 3rd Degree High Priest of Ravenwood

We are very sad to receive word of the passing of Ravenwood's High Priest and Elder Lord Merlin. He passed on September 23rd 2011. Barely one year from the date of the passing of his long time partner Lady Sintana. Our sympathy goes out to all those that knew the great Lord directly and of course all at the House of Ravenwood Church. We were honored to attend Merlin's Fire on October 24th - a grand celebration of his life and his many contributions to Crafte alongside many of the lives he touched directly over the years. We will post a full tribute on this page for Lord Merlin soon.

Ted Andrews

Author, Animal Activist, Friend of Crafte

Ted passed away on 24 October 2009. While not a member of our tradition, he was a respected author & acquaintance of Lord Min. He wrote numerous books on psychic work, auras & working with animals. His works touched many people.

Ted wrote on many subjects including spirit & ancestor work, psychic development, healing & color magic. In addition to over 30 books, he created several oracle decks. His passing will leave a great void because of his ability to bridge the gap between Pagans & non-Pagans through his work with animals.

Some of his books include:
Music Therapy for Non MusiciansPsychicProtection
Feather Omens More Simplified Magic