Coming soon, our new podcast, Pagan Coffee Talk, brings discussion of everyday topics right to your listening device. These discussions are framed in a virtual coffee shop where unscripted talks between Lord Chase Night Smith and Keegan take place. While topics are planned, discussions are not. Keegan will pull a topic from the magic hat so that neither Lord Night nor Keegan will know ahead of time what the discussion will be. These are frank discussions taking place so, you never what you will hear.  

Lord Chase Night Smith is a 3rd Degree Priest and Elder of Life Temple and Seminary. Under the guidance of our founder, Lord Laith Angus Min, he studied for over 10 years gaining insights into the community and spirituality. Lord Night has been serving the local community for over 20 years.

Keegan is a 1st Degree Priestess of Life Temple and Seminary. Under the guidance of Lord Chase Night Smith, she is currently studying for her 2nd Degree. She is also well on her way to becoming a licensed herbalist.