Lord Laith Angus Min

Lord Laith Angus Min - Don Leon Richey 

Elder High Priest of the 3rd Degree and founder of Life Temple & Seminary

Lord Min was the only remaining founding member of Life Temple and Seminary. It was his vision which put into motion the necessary events to begin Life Temple & Seminary; building upon the beliefs and practices of his family’s tradition. His mother and grandmother initiated him into Craft at puberty. After many years of service, he retired but still remained active in his role as Elder. Lord Min passed away On May 25th 2011.

On behalf of Life Temple and Seminary we would like to formally thank all the children of Ravenwood & Crafte for the kindness and assistance they showed during the difficult time of Lord Min's passing. The kindness and concern shown is a display of the true spirit of Crafte - something Lord Min tried his very best to impress upon us all.

Lord Min founded our Temple based on his family traditions and a deep rooted Celtic path that barely survived – only to be to revived by a son who was initiated by blood. And who later became a Father by the rite of initiation.

He was a gentle and caring man who led by example. His legacy lives on in our teachings and will continue to thrive and grow long after his journey has ended. He sired a small group – simply because Lord Min saw no need for large numbers and believed that our religion is not one for the masses.

The large gathering of support from the entire Pagan community only attests to what a wonderful priest, elder and friend he was. With his easy laugh, quiet southern way and calm demeanor he instilled a certain calm in those who knew him. As the phrase goes – still waters run deep. That was Lord Min.

His passions in-deed also ran deep and as a result, his stories ran LONG. It took Lord Min a good while to make his point sometimes. And although that point was usually profound – he would gently poke fun of himself – apologizing for “going around my ass to get to my elbow.”

He passed during a long recovery from a serious operation that took place in fall of 2010. He was a respected Elder of the Craft and greatly enjoyed researching old wisdom. He was a friend of the late Lady Sintana, Ravenwood Church, and its Sister Groups. We will greatly miss his humor, stories, songs and wisdom.

Lord Min chose to leave this world quietly. He didn’t want us making a fuss over him. Nor did he want to see us cry and weep. Truthfully we think he simply did not want to see his children in pain. He has gone to the Summerland. And we know this to be true. We know it not because it is our tradition and a belief so many of us share. We know it to be true because our elder – Lord Min – told us so.