Advice for New Folks

About Witch Schools

A note about online & correspondence Witch Schools:

You should be cautious in searching for proper guidance in the ways of Crafte. Just as with any other subject that attracts knowledge seekers, so too, Crafte studies attract hustlers and scammers. Sadly there are many who would try to profit from the needs of others. We at Life Temple believe that there is absolutely no substitution for a face-to-face, classroom, learning environment. It is difficult, if not impossible to learn a religion without proper teachers and community. Most important, the true lessons to be found in any religion are passed orally; they cannot simply be read off of a website. Lastly, no respectable, traditional Wiccan Coven or group will acknowledge the degrees earned via online or correspondence means. True Crafte does not exist on the internet.

Caution about Year-and-A-Day Studies

We implore you; please, unless you are taking classes from a reputable, traditional group, do not refer to any training you may be receiving or that you have taken in the past as Year and A Day training. The true meaning of year and a day is usually misunderstood and it's a much misused term. The process of spiritual growth and learning cannot be pre-defined in this manner. No one can say for certain that after X length of time you will be ready to obtain your First Degree status into the Wiccan priesthood. These honors are earned and afforded to people when they are ready. You might be ready after only a year of training but it could take 2 or more years for you to earn your first Degree. Not only is it wise for you to be patient with this life-long learning process but it's also wise to be wary of anyone who promises to accelerate your education in any way.

About Pagan Books

If you have the nagging suspicion that the Wiccan & Pagan books you have found at your local chain book store are are not wrong. Many of the books lining the shelves of the metaphysical or alternative religion sections of most book stores are commercial publications. They are designed to sell; making money for publishers who are capitalizing on whatever is trendy.

It is important to note that some of the authors of these books are not inducted or initiated members of Crafte; they have not been traditionally trained in the ways of the Wicca. It is unlikely that you will find answers to your questions in these books. More often than not, Wiccan & Pagan books confuse people more than they educate them. This is one of the key reasons that those seeking this religion should take classes and learn from a Wiccan group.

Even if you don't really have the desire to join a Coven and your goal is to be a solitary practitioner, a well respected Temple will not fault you for this. The classes you take will help you practice responsibly and intelligently, by yourself or in a group.

If you want to gain insight and understanding of a particular Wiccan tradition; then your best avenue is to read & research the history, mythology, anthropology & archeology of that tradition. Head to those sections of the book store, & leave the Wiccan books on the shelves.

Recommended Reading

Those wishing to learn more about Crafte, Wicca and Witchcraft are encouraged to read the books listed below. These titles are also required reading for all those who take First Degree classes at Life Temple & Seminary.

The Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham - this is a great 'pocket' book that addresses many of the misconceptions about Wicca. This book is also wonderful for family members and teens.

The Spiral Dance by StarHawk - a slightly more advanced read that is full of practical knowledge and outlines the mechanics of the Wiccan religion.

Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler - This book is a detailed account of the time the author spent with a variety of covens around the country and her observations.